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Charles Linden

New: Linden Method BreatheRight App


BreatheRight App on the iPad BreatheRight App on the iPhone/iPod

Over 160,000 anxiety sufferers have used BreatheRight to date and now it's available to every sufferer through the iTunes app store. Fast and effective reduction of anxious breathing.

Available on the App Store

For the iPhone - iPad - iPod

Effective reduction of anxious breathing

Take back control and relax using this simple app

We have created an app for you to STOP the hyperventilation or any breathing issues you experience during high anxiety. it's so easy to implement, children of 7 years of age use it!
  Charles Linden. Director. The Linden Method

"Love your new apps Charles... it's like you're with me in my pocket! Very very helpful..." Liz Margin

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Charles Linden's anxious breathing
'First Aid' in your pocket

With BreatheRight, you have Charles' 25 years as a panic sufferer and 16 years as a panic and anxiety healer right there in your pocket when you need it.

Simple and powerful breathing techniques that help you to redress the inappropriate breathing patterns brought on by stress and anxiety.

"BreatheRight is so effective. It guides you to reduce your breathing rate back to normal and helps you to relax when you need it most." Jamar. K. USA

BreatehRight App on the iPad BreatehRight App on the iPhone/iPod Available on the App Store

Simple, effective, fast and reassuring...

... anxious breathing and hyperventilation relief